About Laser Scanning Solutions

We help you document the current conditions of your project with our 3D laser scanning services.

Laser Scanning Solutions utilizes Leica laser scanners for all our laser scanning projects and DJI Mavic Enterprise drones for aerial imaging and site mapping.

We serve the Commercial and Residential, Industrial and Manufacturing, Historical, New Construction, Surface Mines, Pulp and Paper, Oil and Gas, Wastewater Treatment, and Entertainment industries throughout the Southeastern United States and beyond.


Andy Foshee

I have a passion for working with my clients and providing exceptional customer service.  My goal is to offer a great experience for my clients as well as meeting their expectations in a high quality deliverable for their project.

Upon graduating from Auburn University in 2013, I held various roles centered around the construction industry. From my past experience in the industry, I discovered my passion for delivering both exceptional customer service and high quality deliverables that ultimately help my clients have success in their project. Laser Scanning Solutions allows me to be involved in these practices each day.

I believe the construction industry is always in need of additional qualified personnel providing a service, whether that be anything from 3D laser scanning to commercial drone photography. Competition is good for the industry and when individuals are working to deliver the best products and service possible, everybody wins. It is my goal that Laser Scanning Solutions is always considered to be one of the industry leaders in 3D Leica laser scanning, 3D modeling, and commercial drone photography.

Memberships, Accreditations and Certifications
Member, US Institute of Building Documentation
Member, Construction Specifications Institute
US DOL Part 48 Surface Miner
OSHA 10 Certification
Transportation Security Administration Certification
Federal Aviation Administration Drone Pilot Certification