3D Modeling Services

Take advantage of the latest as-built documentation technology with top-tier 3D modeling services from Laser Scanning Solutions.

In this digital age, gone are the days of relying solely on two-dimensional blueprints for construction and planning. 3D modeling lets you envision all of the physical and functional characteristics of any building or project in a digital space, streamlining the building process and improving the accuracy of all steps involved. 

At Laser Scanning Solutions, we provide Building Information Modeling (BIM) to clients across the architecture, engineering, and construction industries. Whether you want to model a new 80,000-seat sports arena or a small-scale commercial building, our 3D modeling services can optimize your building processes. 

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What Is Building Information Modeling (BIM)? 

Building information modeling (BIM) is a design technology that lets us create an accurate and detailed 3D model using building information and point cloud data. But this technology goes beyond visualization, including features that allow for lifecycle management, document management, collaboration, and building simulation — all of which optimize and streamline the building process. 

BIM technology offers a comprehensive shared space for all designers and collaborators to brainstorm, tweak, and adjust building plans, allowing for more efficient and tailored construction processes. Once we create your desired 3D design, you’ll have access to this technology to discuss, share ideas, and review plans for your project long-term. 

When you enlist Laser Scanning Solutions for 3D modeling services, we’ll provide deliverables that are compatible with a list of 3D software according to your project’s needs and specifications.  Software and file types may include: 

  • AutoCAD (.dwg)
  • Revit (.rvt)
  • Navisworks (.nwd)
  • Plant 3D and Civil 3D 

You’ll be able to view and interact with your as-built 3D BIM model across a number of platforms as well as make edits and annotations if required. 

Why Use 3D Modeling for Your Project? 

3D modeling with BIM offers numerous benefits for the architectural, engineering, and construction industries. With the help of Laser Scanning Solutions, you can take advantage of these benefits to aid your building or renovation process:

  • Pinpoint building specifications: 3D renderings and models let you plan for specific details in the design ahead of time, saving time and money otherwise spent on costly change orders
  • Explore possibilities: With 3D modeling and rendering, you can easily alter the building site and design to determine how changes would affect other aspects of the project. These changes can occur instantaneously, saving you time and helping you avoid mistakes in the actual building phase. 
  • Gain comprehensive building information in one platform: Your 3D model offers all the details you need about your building project within a single platform.

Laser Scanning Solutions: Your 3D Modeling Partners 

Are you ready to explore the potential of 3D modeling within your industry? Choose Laser Scanning Solutions for reliable, efficient 3D modeling services tailored to your business’s specific needs. 

We’d be happy to discuss how BIM modeling can aid your project and determine whether this technology, or another form of laser scanning, is right for your needs. Contact Laser Scanning Solutions today at 334-329-4187 to learn more about our laser scanning and 3D modeling services in Alabama, Georgia, and neighboring states..