3D Modeling Services in Georgia

When you want to see your building in its entirety utilize 3D scanning with BIM to accurately document and display your structure in 3D! 

The AEC sector has always heavily relied on blueprints to determine the dimensions and manage the design of structures in progress. When 3D modeling first emerged in the construction industry it added considerable depth and detail to these designs while expanding the viewpoints from different angles. Is it any surprise that 3D modeling in conjunction with laser scanning services has revolutionized the industry? 

Laser Scanning Solutions provides accurate and detailed 3D modeling services for your project needs. 

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Detail and Precision for Georgia Project Specifications 

3D modeling deliverables being derived in software such as Revit and AutoCAD provide seamless point cloud to 3D model conversion.  Unlike two-dimensional drawings, Building Information Modeling (BIM) serves as spec modeling, pinpointing all surface details for a clearer project visualization. Additionally, all parties involved can contribute information from numerous data sources and documentation so that there’s easy collaboration throughout.

Collaborative efforts also rectify issues, publishing updated details for even more accurate 3D design. The advantages include the following and more:

  • Minimal discrepancies for more accurate construction or renovation projects
  • Fewer costly mistakes once the project is underway
  • Structured templates with pre-set specifications (this helps to streamline corporate styles and compliance with government regulations) 

Your Building’s Information on One Platform

Utilizing BIM on platforms such as BIM 360 allows multiple professionals, trades and stakeholders to be involved and collaborate throughout the life of the project. 

Allowing all trades involved in the project to collaborate in real time can not only help eliminate costly mistakes in the construction process, but will also help the project finish on time or even ahead of schedule.  This can be achieved by utilizing a 3D model generated from accurate laser scans taken in the field.  High quality 3D modeling on projects across the state of Georgia also improves construction lifecycle management.

A Better Understanding of the Construction Site

If you want to have a better understanding of what your project site entails utilize BIM digital photogrammetry and point cloud surveying.  By doing so, the following will be visible, measurable, and adjustable:

  • Unlevel grounds and different elevations
  • Distance and spatial relationships to pinpoint obstacles
  • The volume of stockpiles, the construction site, or a containment area as a whole

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