Aerial Drone Imagery Services 

Count on aerial drone imaging/photography when you need to document your project from above!

Whether you’re a real estate agent, general contractor or facility manager, aerial drone imagery comes in handy. Almost any industry can take advantage of capturing photos, videos, orthomosaics and other information from a bird’s eye view, but what exactly is drone imagery, and what are the benefits of using it?

At Laser Scanning Solutions, our team uses state of the art drones to capture detailed information from above to ensure you have the best aerial documentation possible.

Why Is Drone Imagery Crucial?

Drones have become increasingly popular in recent years, allowing people and stakeholders all over the world to see what’s happening from an aerial perspective. Most professional sectors are using them to conduct research and/or obtain crucial information before, during or after their project has been completed.

With more accurate and detailed imaging, they’re rapidly replacing satellite imagery and maps. For instance, facility and property managers, urban planners, and general contractors are photogrammetry models to understand the area and create as-built surveys.

Types of Deliverables

Other than still photographs and videos, there are three main types of deliverables and applications:

Topographical Surveys

Aerial photography stitched together using photogrammetry and digital imagery software can create an accurate topo of a site much quicker than traditional surveying practices.  These surveys are typically accurate to within a few centimeters with using ground control points and RTK methods.

Volumetric Models 

Creating volumetric models combines photogrammetry (which measures the distance between two objects) and ortho mapping (which uses mapping software that puts these captured images together.) This process creates a larger mosaic image and remedies geometric and color distortions for coherency.  Typical applicates include measuring stockpiles and/or removal of dirt or another type of land fill.


Hundreds of aerial photographs taken by drone can be stitched together using a technology known as photogrammetry.  By registering these photos together, an orthomosaic is created of the site that can then be used to collect accurate measurements and dimensions crucial for the project layout. 

When it’s time for that overhead shot, trust Laser Scanning Solutions’ laser scanning and aerial drone imaging. We offer services in Alabama, Georgia, and other neighboring states. Contact us (334) 329-4187 to learn more or receive a quote today!