Aerial Drone Mapping in Georgia

Take advantage of cutting-edge aerial documentation for your project site or building in Georgia—call us today!

Whether you’re a busy property manager or general contractor operating in The Peach State, you likely want to understand what’s always going on with your property.  We can help you do that from a bird’s eye view.  

With Laser Scanning Solutions, you’ll choose one of three drone applications to conduct the necessary research. Whichever you choose, these laser scanning services and/or aerial drone photography help you effortlessly collect crucial information about your building or site. 

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Topographical Surveys in The Peach State

Why consider letting a drone fly above your land or project site to take a topographical survey? This digital imagery software makes it quick and easy to record horizontal and vertical objects that designers and architects later manipulate or edit. 

Topographical work also uses photogrammetry, a technique measuring the distances between objects with ground control points. The survey plots everything on a coordinate system for you. Be impressed; with this and RTK methods, drone mapping accuracy comes within just a few centimeters!

Across the state of Georgia, our drone data creates accurate deliverables that help our clients save time and money.  These deliverables can be available to your designers and architects who want to inspect, manipulate, measure, or confirm data for Revit or AutoCAD. Once the project begins, regular topographical surveys also facilitate site analysis for day-to-day construction monitoring.

Volumetric Measurement Applications in Georgia

Volumetric models are another popular form of drone surveying in Georgia that uses photogrammetry. Unlike topographical surveys, this combines captured images into a mosaic. 

With this, the processed data determines the volume of a stockpile, construction site, containment area, and more.  Volumetric measurements increase efficiency and safety standards for these tasks, among others.

Orthomosaics For Georgia Cities, Buildings and Properties

Orthomosaics with the process of photogrammetry are like 3D aerial puzzles.  All the images taken by the drone can be stitched together to form a single 3D map.  

There are two orthomosaic types:

  • 2D: A top-down picture with specific coordinates. It can help with project planning and be viewed easily as any other standard aerial photograph. 
  • 3D: An interactive 3D model that can be viewed at multiple angles and elevations. 

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Drones assist with all parts of your construction process, from inventory assessments to safety hazards that could delay the project.  Laser Scanning Solutions’ specialized team provides all types of drone applications so you can remain on the cutting edge.  Explore your options for an aerial drone applications across Georgia today—call us at (334) 329 – 4187 or contact us online.