Understanding the Powerful Use of Drone Applications in Construction

Aerial drones help many industries increase efficiency, data accuracy, and safety standards while reducing expenses by taking on jobs individuals once had to do manually. Drone applications in construction are no different; in fact, a McKinsey report claims technology infusion can increase productivity by up to 60%. 

When you need an aerial drone and 3D laser scanning company to help you with that infusion, trust us for accurate and detailed 3D site representation. Our experienced team explains what our drone services can do below.

Analyzing Your Site

Before beginning work on any project, owners and stakeholders must conduct a site analysis as part of the preliminary phase of the design process. Not only must they take this time to understand the historical and legal aspects of the area, but they must also study geography, topography, and climate. Usually, that would require base surveys that use satellite signals and rover calculations, but drones allow real-time answers.

Unlike traditional methods of construction site analysis, drones monitor day-to-day changes on the property with accuracy and speed. 

Planning Your Build 

The construction industry also uses drones to figure out what to lay down in a location. With surveying software, compare 3D site imaging that depicts as-built documents and designs with already-existing structures, which helps with your future build. 

Drones also help create virtual walk-throughs by stitching dozens of photos together so you can create or enhance engineering and architecture in your design for better planning. These virtual walk-throughs allow you to spot any issues like hazards and miscalculations, both of which could later cause delays, so you can resolve them immediately. 

Reporting for Stakeholders

Construction projects consists of numerous subcontractors, each specializing in their own trade, from framing and roofing to HVAC and MEP. While their respective trades vary greatly, they must all come together to create the finished project.  Drones are often used to document weekly progress on construction projects to keep stakeholders informed and up to speed throughout the project.  With current documentation that all team members can access remotely at any time, the project not only moves along faster but more smoothly.

The Future of Construction!

Drones and aerial photography used in construction applications increase productivity and accuracy while lowering safety risks and project costs. 

At Laser Scanning Solutions, our team provides aerial drone services for all types of applications across the commercial and residential construction, manufacturing and industrial industry.  So, whether you’re part of the commercial, residential, industrial, construction, surface mining, or other industry, call (334) 329-4187 or email us at [email protected] to receive a quote today.