What Are the Benefits of Building Information Modeling?

If you’re in construction or building design, you’re probably familiar with the benefits of Building Information Modeling, which is a digital representation like a blueprint but better. BIM digitally shows all functional and physical building characteristics, from its stability and durability to its weather and fire resistance. With this information, stakeholders design, construct, and manage a project from start to finish. 

BIM offers numerous benefits, and our cutting edge 3D laser scanning company will help to expand on those benefits below. 

Real-Time Collaboration 

Many parties become involved during a project, from contractors and subcontractors to engineers and architects, all of which need constant updates so they can work on their aspect of the project.  Unlike blueprints, which would take too long to redesign and send to others, BIM creates a shared digital workplace for all stakeholders to access and edit the design in real time. 

The ability to make immediate amendments and reviews reduces downtime and delays and keeps all parties coordinated every step of the way. 

Faster Construction Timeline 

With real-time collaboration, stakeholders can also note and discuss errors so they can resolve them quickly. Once they reach an agreement, they remedy the designs instantaneously before construction begins. That reduces the time it takes to receive an updated blueprint and leads to increased productivity on the construction project. 

You also receive cost savings since you don’t have to remedy construction errors. 

Higher Quality and Better Safety 

Other benefits of Building Information Modeling include higher quality and better safety. With detailed 3D models that highlight the structure’s functionality and design, you receive embedded information like dimensions and materials, virtual walk-throughs, and construction process simulations. With the latter two aspects, note any safety hazards or errors that could cause issues and remedy them for optimal safety. Doing so also encourages a higher quality product that exceeds construction standards. Because of this, it is an excellent tool for creating and managing a project throughout its life cycle.

Future Management

BIM collaboration doesn’t end after the project completion but remains intact for the build’s entire lifespan. By saving digital records, future maintenance, repairs, and other renovation projects are easy to plan by using this tool.  By utilizing 3D laser scanning and capturing new or changed features, the BIM files can remain up to date with all renovations, always providing a full history of the building and highlighting the property’s current condition. 

Prepare for Your Project Like Never Before!

New and renovation construction projects rarely occur without costly change orders or delays. 

With BIM, you can expect faster and more accurate results, especially if you partner with Laser Scanning Solutions. Our nationwide team of experts have years of experience in helping professionals across multiple industries spanning from commercial construction and manufacturing to architecture and engineering design, bring their vision to reality.  Call (334) 329-4187 or email [email protected] to learn more about the benefits of Building Information Modeling today!