3D Laser Scanning Services

When you need to document as-built conditions for your project fast and accurately, trust 3D laser scanning technology as the best way to achieve those results!

The design and/or renovation phase of a project is an exciting and creative process that allows architects, engineers and others involved to work together to see their vision come alive. However, no one wants to allow inaccurate measurements or insufficient drawings and other flaws to cause you to go back to the drawing board, that’s where 3D laser scanning services can help ensure your project is a success and avoid costly change orders.

At Laser Scanning Solutions, we utilize 3D laser scanning technology and reality capture methods that’ll improve your project’s outcome in a fraction of the time using more conventional means.

What Is 3D Scanning?

3D laser scanning is a process that uses LIDAR (light detection and ranging) technology to capture the dimensions and appearance of already existing three-dimensional structures.  Raw point cloud data is collected from the scanner and is comprised of billions of data points that can be registered together to form a unified point cloud.  This registered point cloud can then be processed into a functioning 3D Revit model or 2D CAD drawing depending on the end user’s requirements.

These 3D scans allow architects and engineers to capture large amounts of data quickly and accurately without having to spend countless hours onsite documenting as-built conditions with more conventional means such as pulling hand measurements.

Others who benefit from 3D scanning include:

  • Contractors
  • Manufactures
  • Developers
  • Designers
  • Surveyors
  • Owners

The Benefits of 3D Laser Scanning

With 3D scanning, you can enjoy a wide range of benefits to better make your projects a success!

Capturing As-Built Information Faster

Rather than taking measurements manually, which could take days or even weeks onsite, our laser scanning professionals can complete a 3D scanning project in under one day onsite depending on size of the area and level of detail required.  With the average scan setup time being 1 to 2 minutes, you can expect that over a hundred scans can be captured in a typical workday.

Increased Accuracy and Level of Detail

The typical accuracy of registered point cloud data is 3-5 mm depending on the equipment being used.  Laser Scanning Solutions utilizes survey grade laser scanners by Leica Geosystems which are widely considered the best on the market. 

3D models and 2D CAD drawings can be created from the point cloud with sub-centimeter accuracy to ensure reliable and comprehensive as-built documentation is being used for the project thus limiting costly change orders downstream.

Reduced Construction Cost

In the realm of new construction projects, change orders can account for up to 15% of the overall construction cost.  3D laser scanning has been proven effective in identifying potential issues or clashes proactively, preventing them from evolving into costly change orders. This proactive approach ensures that the project proceeds on schedule and greatly reduces time spent reworking completed fieldwork.

Implementing progress scanning routines at specified intervals enables the comprehensive documentation of pivotal project milestones. This includes capturing transitions between various trades, facilitating a thorough comparison between the executed work and the models and drawings, ensuring rigorous quality assurance measures are met.

Other 3D Scan Benefits

The advantages don’t stop there:

  • When constructing or installing new equipment or other items around existing structures, understanding the layout can be difficult. However, 3D laser scanning ensures everything will fit together on the first try by utilizing clash detection with the point cloud and 3D model/2D drawings.  
  • Utilizing 3D scanning at the end of the project can be a useful tool as well to ensure that the owner has a full set of accurate as-builts upon completion to keep on record for future renovation projects.
  • Scanning older structures for historical documentation and preservation.

When you’re ready to add the most important component to your tool belt, contact Laser Scanning Solutions at (334) 329-4187 to learn more about 3D laser scanning and aerial drone imaging today, serving clients not only in Alabama but also in neighboring states like Georgia.