3D Laser Scanning in Georgia

For sub centimeter accuracy that saves you the hassle of going back to the drawing board, call Laser Scanning Solutions!

Anyone who’s been in the AEC industry for some time will recall the pain of solely relying on hand measurements taken in the field for existing structures or site layouts.  3D laser scanning technology has changed the industry in that large amounts of space can be documented much faster and more accurately. 

When you need laser scanning services across the state of Georgia, we’re the team to to help ensure your project is completed on time and under budget.

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Better Design Practices with 3D Scanning

3D laser scanning constitutes a critical first step in the design process. For Georgia architects, engineers and contractors, this cutting-edge technology allows all types of environments to be captured in just hours or even days onsite.

Why would AEC firms use this service in Georgia? One primary reason would be to document existing conditions. For example, conducting a 3D laser scan before a construction renovation project kicks off can ensure certain trades and materials don’t interfere or clash with one another once the building process begins. 

This saves a lot of time, money, and hassle, as the project designers and builders can make corrections before costly construction mistakes ensue.

    Streamlining The Construction Process

    In recent years, Georgia’s top AEC firms have been using the “3D scan to BIM” method.  Building Information Modeling (BIM) is the application of creating a 3D representation of what is existing in the field.  All parties involved in the project can utilize BIM coordination throughout the life of the project.  

    Since all parties can view BIM models simultaneously and virtually, there’s mitigated clash detection risk in the field.  General contractors and stakeholders can rest easy knowing that the project will move along nicely with limited change orders and fewer project delays.

    Long Term Project As-Built Documentation

    Conducting a final 3D scan after the project’s completion gives the owner a current as-built point cloud of the finished space.  This can serve as a living document to be utilized down the road for when renovations or new additions.

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    Survey-grade laser scanning can reduce construction costs and time otherwise spent on correcting mistakes in the field.  Why not increase your productivity by utilizing 3D laser scanning in construction projects as well as other applications.  Get cost-effective 3D laser scanning services in the state of Georgia today—call (334) 329-4187 or contact us online for a quote!