The Role of 3D Laser Scanning in Construction

Are you looking to streamline your construction process and save money without sacrificing quality? Consider the benefits of using laser scanning in construction.

As a trusted laser scanning company, Laser Scanning Solutions supports design and construction projects across the Southeastern United States and even nationwide. With our expertise and professionalism, you can trust us to make your construction project easier.

What Is Laser Scanning?

Also known as high-definition surveying, laser scanning uses light detection and ranging technology to create 3D models of a construction site or existing building. It uses point cloud data (a discrete set of points in a given space) with a billion inputs to render more complete and accurate Building Information Modeling (BIM).

Laser Scanning’s Role in Construction

More construction companies are using laser scanning because it’s effective in the following three areas:

  • Design: Many professionals use laser scanning even before rendering a BIM. Instead of using physical methods of surveying a building site, it can create a quick and accurate rendering.
  • Coordination: Laser scanning can help professionals avoid conflicts between plumbing, electrical, and HVAC systems. It also improves coordination between the design, building, and quality assurance teams.
  • Renovations: Laser scanning can create as-built drawings much more quickly and accurately than traditional methods, facilitating easier future retrofits and renovations, which is particularly advantageous for facility management purposes.

How Laser Scanning Benefits Construction Projects

What are the benefits of using laser scanning in construction? Many project coordinators love it because it gives them several advantages, such as:

  • Improved accuracy: Laser scanning improves data accuracy because it removes the human variable. Even the most qualified professionals can’t compete with the speed and details rendered by these 3D models.
  • Immediate information: Traditionally, mapping a construction site requires days or weeks of measuring, examining, and double-checking. Using laser scanning, you can often complete the process in a single day.
  • Shorter timelines: Because laser scanning can perform tasks more quickly than traditional methods, it typically decreases the time you require to complete a project.
  • Reduced labor: Laser scanning reduces the need for architects, engineers, surveyors, and other types of labor.
  • Improved coordination: Because every team has access to the same set of data points and details in the cloud, they can more quickly and accurately coordinate. This is especially beneficial when you need to accurately implement changes.
  • Improved safety: By avoiding putting your employees in dangerous situations to take measurements (such as measuring ceiling joists), laser scanning reduces the frequency of employee injuries.
  • Lower costs: Because of its extensive benefits, laser scanning often reduces the total cost of a project. You’ll need fewer work hours, less overhead, fewer reworks, and fewer workers’ compensation claims.

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