What To Know About 3D Laser Scanning for Facility Management

Technology continues to take up a more crucial role in managing facilities, particularly when it comes to building operations. Facility managers can now use building management systems and computer-aided facility management software to monitor, control, and optimize their operations in real-time. For example, laser scanning services by Laser Scanning Solutions is an excellent way to document the as-built conditions of your facility and store them for future use. 

Benefits of 3D Laser Scanning in Facility Management  

Enhancing facility management with 3D laser scanning technology offers several benefits:

Critical Building Intelligence  

Before you begin a renovation or addition project, you need to document the facility’s existing conditions. 3D laser scanning and 3D modeling applications provide crucial information at your fingertips, such as:

  • Detailed 3D views of the building and structure 
  • An interactive and immersive representation of the building
  • Critical information for decision-making purposes

Time and Cost Savings  

Would you like to enhance work efficiency and translate this into time and cost savings? 3D laser scanning for facility management makes this possible. It also decreases the time needed to create building layouts while lowering the cost of site surveying and modeling for existing buildings. 

How else can 3D laser scanning help you save time and money? You can store crucial information, measure dimensions, and tag key assets—all without the additional cost of a full 3D model. Plus, if a full 3D model becomes necessary later on, your team can use point cloud data from the initial 3D scan to eliminate the need for an entirely new site survey.   

Easier Communication  

Building owners, collaborators, and other parties can easily view the 3D scan data when they need to share detailed building information. This greatly improves productivity as well as:

  • Life cycle analysis
  • Site safety
  • Accurate maintenance and renovation records

With so many 3D laser scanning applications in facility maintenance, it’s easy to see how this innovative technology has increased the scope of facility management.

The Bottom Line  

Facility managers wear many hats as they strive to ensure the functionality, safety, comfort, and sustainability of their environment. Implementing 3D laser scanning for facility maintenance can help make the job seem effortless.

Improve Your Facility Management With Accurate, Detailed, and Efficient 3D Laser Scanning Services

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