How Is Technology Changing the Construction Industry?

As technology continues to evolve in this modern age, it affects every aspect of the world, from providing better communication to increasing safety standards. The commercial and residential construction industry has seen notable changes.

How is technology changing the construction industry, and what can you do to stay up to date? Our 3D laser scanning company stays up to date with aerial drone imaging, LIDAR scanning, and 3D modeling technology, always providing accurate and detailed information.  Below, we’ll explain how services like these are revolutionizing the construction industry. 

Improved Safety

Anyone who has been in the construction industry understands that standard PPE is crucial for job site safety.  3D laser scanning has also improved job site safety by allowing engineers, architects and construction workers to collect field measurements and crucial as-built information from ground level without the need for ladders and/or lifts.  

Aerial drones also play a big part in job site safety by allowing operators to gather hundreds of high definition photographs and videos from ground level.  

Easier Collaboration 

All trades involved on a project need to be able to work together and communicate effectively in real time as the project progresses.  How is technology changing the construction industry when it comes to communication?  Utilizing 3D scanning (LIDAR), drones, and BIM help to speed the construction process along while also improving accuracy.  A few examples are as follows: 

  • CAD/Revit collaboration and sharing 
  • Viewing 3D models and 2D CAD files in real time 
  • Pinpointing and resolving as-built issues 
  • Collecting and archiving information 

Improve your construction project by Implementing State of the Art Technology! 

As technology evolves, the construction industry follows suit.

At Laser Scanning Solutions our specialized team has years of experience providing top-of-the-line 3D construction technology. We can create accurate, detailed, and efficient 3D deliverables for your project, so rely on us when you need an extra hand on your job site. Call (334) 329-4187 or email [email protected] and learn more today!