Professional Revit Modeling Services

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Are you expanding your business and need a new building, or an addition to your existing structure? Consider using Revit modeling services to make the process faster, more affordable, and less risky.

As a trusted laser scanning company, Laser Scanning Solutions uses 3D scanning technology to create detailed 3D renderings of your current or future building. With our expert team, you’ll rest easy knowing we’ve left nothing to chance.

What Is Revit? 

Revit is a 3D rendering software used for the building information modeling process. With Revit BIM services, a team of experts can create built drawings that coordinate all the data points from other software, such as CAD. The software supports every phase of the design process, including documentation, rendering, and concept design.

Revit has the following capabilities and more:

  • Converting 2D drawings into 3D renderings
  • Producing comprehensive models for construction plans
  • Rendering residential, commercial, and industrial plans
  • Producing details including natural light and shadows
  • Allowing virtual walkthroughs of an unbuilt property or existing building

Benefits of Revit Over Other Modeling Software

What are the benefits of using Revit modeling services compared with other BIM software?

Improved Collaboration

Because it incorporates and works with other software like CAD, Revit offers superior collaboration among a diverse team.  All trades on the project can work together from a centralized location. 

Better Accuracy

3D Revit models can be used in conjunction with point cloud data created from the existing building to check for variances or clashes within the space.  This helps focus the design on the functional and aesthetic purpose of the building and helps you envision how every detail serves that goal.

Reduced Costs

Mistakes, miscommunications, and unforeseen circumstances can hurt your bottom line and rapidly incur more expenses than you intended. Because Revit encourages both detailed designs and seamless collaboration, it can mitigate or even eliminate the frequency of these complications. 

While every project is different, we often find using Revit leads to fewer unforeseen costs and delays.

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