Reliable Scan-To-BIM Services

Do you want to renovate your building but don’t know where to start? With scan-to-BIM services, you can view a detailed rendering of your building and start planning how best to transform your space.

As a trusted laser scanning company, Laser Scanning Solutions uses cutting-edge technology to produce a 3D model of your building — a design the construction team can use to plan a quality renovation.

What Is Building Information Modeling?

Building information modeling refers to any combination of 3D modeling and drafting software that uses building specifications and point cloud data. Point cloud data refers to a large set of data points in space that help us render the 3D model. With the as-built drawings, you can see how your building will look once it’s complete, including nuanced factors like potential furniture placement, pipes, and outlets.

The scan-to-BIM process can effectively aid the following projects:

  • Planning renovations and remodels
  • Identifying areas of structural weakness and other complications
  • Preparing a building for demolition
  • Assessing and documenting current building conditions

Benefits of Building Information Modeling 

Using scan-to-BIM services provides several benefits for the design and renovation process.

Easy Collaboration

Because BIM uses centralized software with cloud-based access, it makes project management and collaboration easy, even among a large or diverse team. The project manager can easily direct the architects, engineers, interior designers, and others  to efficiently produce a detailed and quality rendering.

Increased Accuracy

Because it uses light detection and ranging technology, a scan-to-BIM combination produces a highly detailed rendering that includes dimensions and measurements within 1/8” accuracy. 

Flexible Compatibility

The design team can utilize the 3D BIM deliverable across a wide range of software:

  • AutoCAD
  • Revit
  • Navisworks
  • Plant 3D and Civil 3D 

Editing Continuity

In the traditional drafting process, mistakes often occur when the team makes changes to the plan. Because BIM facilitates easy collaboration, we can complete the process with fewer to no mistakes.

Reduced Construction Costs

One of the most avoidable costs during construction is finding problems that force you to change the work you’re doing. Because laser scanning and BIM practices can identify these problems before construction even occurs, it can reduce overall costs by up to 15%.

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